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Lip Enhancement

While leafing through magazines, looking at pictures of attractive women in a variety of advertisements, it's hard not to notice one common feature: all of these women have full lips. Full, supple lips have long been a definition of beauty. Some are lucky enough to be born with full lips; others are not as lucky. No matter where you start out, the lips lose volume, becomen thinner, and take on an older appearance as part of the natural aging process. Lip enhancement procedures at our Denver center are a relatively quick and simple way to get the plumper, more attractive lips you desire.

Lip augmentation in Denver with Dr. Menachof can benefit:

  • Younger women who have naturally thin lips
  • Women who have lost lip volume with age
  • Patients who want subtle changes to the shape or contour of their lips
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Temporary Lip Enhancement

There are a variety of ways to add volume to the lips. The easiest option, lip injections, provides Denver patients with temporary results. There are a number of injectable fillers that very quickly and naturally add volume to the lips. The fillers are injected in the office using a topical or local anesthetic. As much or as little of the filler can be used in order to get the size, shape, and dimension that the patient desires. These fillers will last from 6 months to a year.

Permanent Lip Enhancement

Dr. Menachof is a facial plastic surgeon who offers long-lasting lip enhancement with the Perma Facial Implant™. These implants are made of soft, solid silicone that cannot rupture, deflate, or degrade over time. Available in a variety of diameters and lengths, lip implants give Denver patients custom results.

Lip implants are placed during a routine procedure performed under local anesthetic. A small amount of postoperative swelling generally resolves in several days. The result is a naturally enhanced lip contour. Although they are designed to be "permanent," Perma Facial Implants can be removed if you wish to have smaller or larger enhancement, or decide to return to your original lip appearance. Individuals interested in lip implants may also want to consider other procedures that can balance their facial features, such as rhinoplasty or chin and cheek implants.

To learn more about lip enhancement treatments, request a consultation with Dr. Menachof today. Or you can call The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery at (303) 792-3838 to schedule your appointment.

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