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What Happened to Kenny Rogers?

Kenny Rogers has undergone numerous cosmetic surgical procedures over the years, and spoken publicly about his dissatisfaction with his cosmetic eye surgery results. Whether Kenny’s goals were unrealistic, or his plastic surgeon lacked expertise and skill, we don’t know. We do know what could have been done differently to give him a more natural look.

The Secret to Amazing Skin

So I’m sitting poolside in Cabo. The sun is out. It’s about 90 degrees. There is a slight breeze. There is an ice-cold refreshing beverage sitting about 4 inches away from my left hand. I’m watching Kathleen and two of my kids floating near the ...

Balancing your facial features with a chin implant

I have been unhappy with my face, mainly my profile, for a very long time. I have considered many procedures including rhinoplasty, otoplasty, fat transfer, mandibular advancement and sliding genioplasty. I think I look awkward and imbalanced with my large nose and ears and lack ...