Facelifts in Denver

Quick Facelift Facts

  • Surgery time —3-5 hours depending on the lift performed
  • Anesthesia type —Outpatient General anesthesia
  • Setting — Surgery Center
  • Recovery time — back to work/ most normal activities in 10-14 days. Mild residual swelling for another 1-2 months.
  • Success rate —More youthful, energized appearance >99% of time. Lasts for 10-15 years

I feel and look better than when I was 30 years old!

I believe the qualities of a great plastic surgeon is when he can improve your appearance and no one can tell! Dr Menachof certainly qualifies in this category.

Karen, Lonetree, CO
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A well-executed facelift restores youthful features that have been lost as your face and neck age. The more of these features that are corrected, the better the results of the procedure.

Heaviness in the jowls and neck is typically the reason people consider a facelift. However, it is often improvement to the cheeks and lower eyelids that gives patients the youthful appearance they want. We have perfected this procedure at the Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center — you won’t find these results anywhere else in Colorado. Carefully evaluate our before and after photos, looking at improvements in all areas of the face. While we have some selected photos on our website, we have many more in our office. Schedule a consultation appointment with us today!

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How You Will Feel

  • Younger — You will be more attractive in a natural, healthy, youthful way. You will be able to handle situations without having to worry about your age, energy or vitality.
  • Confident — Your friends and family notice how good you look, but they will never guess why. In fact, your scars will be so well hidden that only your hairstylist will know about them.
  • Comfortable — You will experience little post-procedure pain, and recovery time lasts only 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • Carefree — Results typically last 10-15 years. Some results will last 20-25 years!

Before & After Gallery

What You Will Experience

  • Smooth, tight, youthful neck with no banding.
  • Crisp, clean jawline.
  • Thin lower face without jowls.
  • Short, soft nasolabial folds.
  • Full, high cheeks.
  • Shorter, more youthful lower eyelids.
  • An oval, heart shaped face

Free Surgical Guide to Facial Surgery

Not All Facelifts are Created Equal

Not all facelifts have equally successful results. Some facelifts improve only a few facial features. While these patients are pleased with one area of their face, they may be bothered by less-improved areas. Some facelifts correct features in a very unnatural way, causing people to look stretched, pulled or just odd. Other facelifts give fairly good results, but leave disfiguring and obvious scars. The popular mini-facelift provides great results that do not last – people who were happy at six months are usually unhappy a year later when the results have almost completely disappeared.

Before going through with a surgical facelift procedure, look at before-and-after photos of the surgeon’s past patients and read testimonials. This will help you make an informed decision about your surgery.


What’s the difference between a facelift, a neck lift, and a cheek lift?

  • A facelift improves the appearance of the face and neck by giving the face and neck a more youthful contour. Its changes extend from the lower eyelids to the lower neck.
  • A cheek lift is the top half of a facelift. Its changes extend from the lower eyelids to just above the jaw line.
  • A neck lift is the bottom half of a facelift. Its changes extend from just above the jaw line to the lower part of the neck.
  • This is why a facelift is sometimes referred to as a cheek and neck lift.


Choose Dr. Menachof

Dr. Menachof - Denver Rhinoplasty Surgeon

My facelift procedure has changed significantly over the years. Initially, the surgery was relatively quick, very safe, and consistently good. My patients were satisfied, but I knew I could create even better results — especially in patients’ cheeks. For technical reasons, the cheeks and lower eyelids have always been the most difficult areas to correct. Over the years, I continued to modify my method, looking for ways to improve my results. I am now getting the results in the cheeks and lower eyelids that I had been hoping for. The surgery itself takes a bit longer than in the past, but the youthful, natural, healthy, non-operated appearance is worth it.

My patients are incredibly happy, and so am I.


Facelift: Frequently Asked Questions

While there are many factors that go into this, the most important has to do with your expectations. Make sure your surgeon understands what your concerns are, so that he or she knows how well your concerns can be addressed. Spend time before the surgery making sure you know what needs to be accomplished in order for you to be happy that you had the procedure performed.

Carefully evaluate each surgeon’s before and after photos to make sure that you like his or her typical results. Every surgeon has a different aesthetic, which affects what they consider to be a good result. There are different ways to do a facelift. Some procedures may be better for your particular issues. Make sure your surgeon can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of their specific technique, and why it should help with your primary concerns.

As many surgeons as you need in order to be comfortable with your decision. You are trying to find someone who listens to your concerns, explains why the type of facelift they perform will work especially well for your concerns, who has before and after photos you like, and who you are confident will stick with you after the surgery until you are happy.

Facelift surgery is complex. It’s important to find a surgeon with significant facelift experience. Make sure they are experienced getting the kind of results you are expecting and that they have experience with other patients who have the same aging issues and concerns that you do. Looking at before and after photos (many- not just a few) can be very helpful in this regard.

Before and after photos are incredibly helpful and very important and are a very important part of the process of choosing a surgeon for your rhinoplasty. Photos show the results that will be achievable through each surgeon. You can then evaluate the end results of people with similar issues to you. Carefully evaluate your surgeon’s results to make sure that your tastes and his or hers are similar.

The cost of a facelift varies depending on the amount of work being done, the difficulty of the particular procedure (revision facelift surgery may be more expensive), the experience of the surgeon, the kind of anesthesia used, and the amount of time your particular procedure will take. Remember that all facelift procedures are not created equal. Some take longer to do, look better, and last longer. Price is only one part of a complicated evaluation process.

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