Brow Lift in Denver

Eye & Brow Lift Denver

Brow Lift: How You Will Feel

  • Confident – knowing that people see you as energized and happy instead of appearing tired or angry.
  • Relieved – that you chose a surgeon who understood your concerns about “that surprised look”.
  • Amazed – at what a ¼ inch of brow lift and a tiny bit of brow shaping did to your overall appearance.
  • Secure – that no one will notice your scars.
  • Grateful – that you trusted Dr. Menachof to do something that wasn’t an obvious choice to you.

Brow Lift: What You Will Experience

  • A nicely shaped, naturally positioned eyebrow.
  • The upper eyelids no longer appear heavy.
  • Youthful fullness in the area between the eyebrow and the eyelid.
  • Smoothing of the horizontal forehead wrinkles.
  • Smoothing of the vertical wrinkles in between your eyebrows.
  • Smoothing of the crow’s feet wrinkles to the sides of the eyes.
  • Eyes that look much bigger and more open.
  • An overall rested, happy appearance.

Brow Lift: What You Need to Know

  • Despite it’s name, the procedure should not lift, but should reshape and reposition the brow into a youthful, natural, rested position.
  • Done this way, the “surprised, deer in the headlights” look never occurs.
  • While there are several techniques available, an endoscopic approach that uses small incisions, endoscopes, and instruments provides an excellent result with minimal recovery.
  • Small scars are hidden within the hair and are undetectable when healed.
  • Most people who are unhappy with the results of their eyelid surgery had the wrong procedure performed. If the brow is heavy, upper eyelid surgery will not improve your overall appearance. Until the brow is reshaped and repositioned, you will still appear a bit tired and angry.
  • Everyone with heaviness in the upper eyelids has both extra upper eyelid skin and brow heaviness. Your surgeon should assess both of these issues so that the correct procedure is performed.

Brow Lift: Choosing a Surgeon

  • Experience is important. Many surgeons simply don’t do this procedure very often. Look for someone with a lot of experience with brow lift surgery.
  • Technique is important. Ask about the size of the incisions, the possibility of permanent postoperative numbness, and the likelihood of a “surprised look” following the procedure.   These unwanted outcomes are likely the result using older techniques.