Signature Lift – Mini Facelift in Denver

mini facelift denver

As facial plastic surgery has become more popular, people have started utilizing less invasive techniques to maintain their appearance. Because of busy schedules and lifestyles, people were looking for something that would provide the results of a facelift, with less surgery time and a quicker recovery. This desire ushered in the era of the mini-facelift, most of which didn’t provide the results patients longed for.

The signature lift is our version of a mini-facelift. After several years of investigation and research, we developed this lift in response to:

  • Multiple unhappy “mini-lift” patients coming in for a second opinion within six months of their procedure because their results didn’t last.
  • Multiple unhappy “mini-lift” patients coming in for a second opinion who had initially experienced great results that had completely disappeared by 18 months.
  • A series of “mini-lift” patients coming in for a second opinion because of a “swept-up”, odd appearance to the sides of their face.


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Signature Lift: Exceptional Results, Little Downtime

  • It takes about two-and-a-half hours to perform.
  • Social downtime is usually less than 10 days.
  • In the right patients, the results are exceptional.
  • Results typically last between eight to ten years.

Signature Lift: Is It Right for You?

  • Younger people (40-60) without a lot of heaviness in the bottom of the face and neck.
  • People who have had a facelift before and are looking for a “touch-up”.
  • People who are absolutely limited in the amount of work they can miss.
  • People who are having a variety of procedures done at the same time and want to limit the length of their surgery.
  • It provides significant improvement in almost everyone and can be an option for most, depending on your expectations of the results.

Note: Mini-facelifts will not give you the same results as a traditional high SMAS facelift. There are tradeoffs we have to make for a shorter surgery and quicker recovery. If the tradeoffs are worth it, then the signature lift is the best option available. We have plenty of photos available in the office that will highlight the difference between the two. Please come in and take a look.

Signature Facelift - Denver