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Facelift surgery is meant to give you a natural, healthy, youthful appearance. After your plastic surgery, you should still look like yourself – just a younger and refreshed version! Unfortunately, some facelift patients aren’t satisfied with their results. Whether you have undertreated or overtreated facelift results – you could be a good candidate for a revision facelift.

There are many reasons to seek correction facelift surgery, and the best way to decide if this is the right path for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Menachof, Denver’s revision facelift specialist. Dr. Menachof will meet with you to discuss your original goals, why you’re dissatisfied with your results, and offer options to give you the results you want.

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Do I Need a Revision Facelift?

Revision facelift expertsIt can take up to a year for your face to fully heal and to see final results after your primary facelift surgery. Remember to be patient with the healing process. If, after a year, you are not happy with your results, you can consider revision facelift surgery.

Undertreated facelift surgery can leave you with excessive loose skin, causing wrinkles, jowling and loose neck skin. Overtreated facelift surgery can cause your skin to look tight and hollowed-out. In both cases, results don’t look natural and youthful.

There are many reasons to consider revision facelift surgery, including:

  • Visible, unappealing scarring
  • Asymmetry in the face
  • Lateral sweep deformity
  • A facelift that does not address your concerns
  • Over-tightened skin (deer-in-the-headlights look)
  • Puckering, dimpling or creasing
  • Earlobe issues (Pixie Ear)
  • Hollowness in your eyes or cheeks
  • A facelift performed over 10 years ago


Revision Facelift Cost

Revision facelift plastic surgery cost varies based on the amount of work, difficulty of the procedure, experience of your plastic surgeon, type of anesthesia used, and the amount of time your procedure takes. Because it is an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance does not typically cover any of the cost. Your surgeon should have a written policy on revisions, so check with your original plastic surgeon if you are open to him/her performing your revision procedure.

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Revision Facelift Procedure

Correction facelifts are more challenging than the original facelift surgery because or previously altered facial tissues and scar tissue build-up. Your revision facelift surgeon has to be careful not to disrupt the underlying structures of the face. This is why it’s so important to choose a surgeon that has perfected their facelift technique.

At Facial Surgery and Aesthetics Center, Dr. Menachof will take the time to evaluate your facial features and advise you on both surgical and non-surgical options to help you achieve the results you are looking for. If a corrective facelift surgery is the right choice for you, we will perform the procedure under general anesthesia, and the surgery takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Dr. Menachof is the best.

My facelift results are so natural, I am so amazed and can’t believe I ever doubted myself in deciding to do this… I was so comfortable with him when we met. How refreshing to meet a doctor who was more concerned with what I was looking to achieve, rather than what they thought I should do.


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Dr. Menachof – Your Revision Facelift Expert

Dr. Menachof - Denver Rhinoplasty SurgeonChoosing the perfect facial plastic surgeon for your revision facelift procedure is vital to achieving the results you want. Your surgeon needs to prove he/she can attain natural results that leave you looking like a younger and refreshed version of yourself. Revision plastic surgery requires greater precision and expertise because of how previous facelift surgeries have altered your facial tissues.

As you research and meet with surgeons, ask these questions:

  • Do they get good results?
  • Will they stick with you if a complication occurs or if you’re unhappy with your results?

Take a look at before and after photos to decide if you like your surgeon’s results, and if he/she can give you results you will love.

Dr. Menachof has decades of experience performing facelift and revision facelift procedures. Because of his hundred of satisfied facelift patients, Dr. Menachof is considered Denver, Colorado’s revision facelift expert and will work with you to get the results you want.

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You don’t have to live with mediocre results. If you’re unhappy with a previous facelift, or if you’re ready to freshen up an old facelift, revision surgery may be the answer for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Menachof to discuss how corrective facelift surgery can give you the results you want.

Revision Facelift: Frequently Asked Questions

It takes up to a year for your face to heal after a facelift surgery. We don’t recommend doing a facelift revision surgery until you can see final results from your original surgery. Be patient with the healing process, and ask your surgeon questions along the way. Facelift surgery results typically last about 10 years, and your face will continue to age naturally. Many patients will seek to have a secondary facelift surgery 5 to 15 years after their first.

If your facelift surgeon uses too much tension or uses an improper facelift technique, you may end up with an elongated earlobe, called a “Pixie Ear.” The bottom of your ear may look stretched out and too long. A skilled facial plastic surgeon can fix this deformity.

A skilled facial plastic surgeon will hide facelift scars along the hairline and inside and behind the ear. This makes the scars invisible once they have healed. If you have seen facelift scars that are visible and that stand out, it is likely due to improperly placed incisions.

A deep plane facelift addresses aging in the face and neck. It lifts the whole face by repositioning underlying deep tissue layers, leaving you with rejuvenated cheeks, jawline and neck.