Areas of Concern

People often have concerns about a specific area of their face and neck but don’t know what options are available, or don’t know which option would be best for them. One of the most important factors in choosing the right surgeon is that person’s ability to filter through all of the pertinent information and all of the possible options, to help choose the best option for you. Unfortunately, many patients who are unhappy with previous surgical results had the wrong procedure performed in the first place.

At The Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center we take the time to consider all of your information and options in order to choose the best procedure for you. Schedule a consultation with us to begin this process.

Important information that we consider:

  • Your needs, desires and fears.
  • Anatomic and physiologic issues.
  • Available recovery time.
  • Anesthesia concerns.
  • Support structure.
  • Financial situation.
  • Expectations of results.
  • Desired degree of correction.


Select the area of concern to learn more about top concerns and treatments: