Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Facial plastic surgery procedures are becoming more and more common in men. Maintaining a more youthful, energetic appearance in the workplace is one of the main reasons why. We provide procedures specifically tailored for the male face.

Most facial plastic surgery procedures used today were originally designed for women. Obviously, this poses a problem for men. While the same types of aging changes occur in men, the procedures used to correct them, if not modified, will result in a slightly feminine appearance (hello Kenny Rogers, Jerry Jones and, of course, Bruce – now Caitlin – Jenner).

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Men’s Procedures: Maintain a Masculine Appearance

  • Fewer procedures are typically recommended in men. Rhinoplasty, neck lifts, chin implants and blepharoplasty are the primary surgical procedures we perform in men.
  • The procedures are done in a less aggressive way.
  • While women desire a smooth, well-defined result, we have to retain a slightly rough and rugged final appearance in our male patients.
  • We want to highlight the cheeks (along with the jaw line and neck) in women, which is why most of them choose a facelift. In men, however, we want to highlight a strong jaw, which is why an isolated neck lift is typically the best option.
  • While upper eyelid heaviness (caused by a falling brow) is common in men, raising the brow gives an unnatural, feminine result. In men, removing the extra upper eyelid skin while leaving the brow alone gives an improved and very natural result.
  • A strong nasal contour is an important part of a masculine face. A big nose can be made smaller in men, but still has to be big enough to project a masculine appearance.
  • Despite typically having less hair for camouflage, scars can still be successfully hidden in men by taking advantage of the deeper wrinkles and lines that occur in the thicker male skin.

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Men’s Procedures: Non-Surgical Options

  • Filler, used to improve the strength of the underlying bony structure, can be very powerful in adding a masculine feel while balancing the features on the face.
  • Botox and Dysport, used sparingly and carefully, can soften a harsh, angry or tired appearance.
  • Laser treatments, skin care treatments and targeted skin care products can reduce the number of brown, red and blue spots and eliminate broken capillaries without causing too much softening and smoothing of the skin.


If you’re thinking about this, you’re not alone. While women often talk to their friends about the procedures they’ve had done, men never do. You won’t believe how many of your friends have had procedures. When performed well, no one will know that you had anything done.