Maria Marquez’s Testimonial


Procedure: Balloon sinus surgery with One Day a Month (ODAM)

ODAM - The Face ExpertsWhat was your health like before coming to our clinic, can you explain your symptoms? *Patient states that before coming to us she had a sad life. She could not breathe through her nose at all. She always felt bad and had very little energy as she was always getting sick. She even had to stop working for a while as she could not keep her breath at work. Her most difficult time was when sleeping, her mouth was always open for breathing and her lips were always cracked because of it. The lack of oxygen would wake her up in the night.

How did that affect your daily life?
Pt. says he was in and out of work because of her sinus issues, either with lack of energy or breathing difficulties. She also states that she did not like to leave the house and go out, as eating in public was hard as she had to chew with her mouth open.

Were you able to get any help before coming to our ODAM clinic?
No, she would see doctors who would try antibiotics and such and nothing helped. She could not afford to see a specialist ENT doctor, as that is what she needed.

Is there anything you would say to someone out there who is suffering, about coming to our ODAM clinic?

The patient started to cry as she said she “thank God” for Dr. Menachof and our ODAM clinic. She felt like a new baby just born after having the sinus surgery. She was able to breathe through her nose, she began to feel better without all the infection in her sinuses. She could now hold her new granddaughter and be able to smell the wonderful new baby smells when she is fresh from her bath. And finally, she was able to go back to work and her boss and co-workers noticed how much better she was and able to get her work done. She said: “Dr. Menachof and everyone here is so nice. They fixed my nose and I would tell anyone who is sick and needs help to come to the ODAM clinic of Dr. Menachof’s.”



*Questions for ODAM patients who are willing to share their journey to and through our clinic.